Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2nd Annual Grape Slushie Games

It's that time of year again! For my yearly blog post and the Grape Slushie Games!! Now that alll my kids are going to school maybe I will be able to post more. Or maybe I will be busy napping. Either way we had a great but very short summer. Alabama has been good to us. Here's the line up for this years games.
Heres the cuties! Ella has a swimsuit on don't worry.
First game was squirt the cups(genius name)
Next was a marble race down this precision cut pool noodle.

Then chubby bunny. Seriously gagged the whole time. Only got five in my mouth.
Water ballon baseball! Fun for all ages!
Cookie face! Get the cookie in your mouth without touching it!
Then Grape Soda ring toss.
Jello eating contest!
Watch Stu inhale his jello!!
Oh ya that was some good eatin!
Last toss the cheet-o's on our shaving cream heads. Pretty sure all our neighbors are jealous of our hotness and poise.
I let Stu win this year. Look at his big mouth. 12 chubby bunnies. What a winner!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ava's Baptism Song

Ava came to me a couple weeks ago and said "Mom will you sing with me at my baptism?" If you know Ava then you know she loves to sing. If you know me, you would know that this question horrified me. But trying to be a good mother, I said "If you really want to, ok"....I told her we need to pick a song and practice. We looked through, and listened to some songs, then decided on the primary song "Baptism". We practiced a few times then Ava turned to me and said,"I kinda want to sing by myself now" It was pretty hilarious, and I was so relieved I didn't even think of being offended. I'm so proud of her for being so brave to do this "by herself". I love her and her sweet beautiful voice. The spirit was so strong throughout the entire baptism. I know she will remember this special day the rest of her life.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Purple Class 13 24 Video

Yay!! My husband comes home in two days!! Its been a long 5 weeks! He graduates from Warrant Officer Candidate school Wednesday. I am so proud of him. This is his class slide show. He was in charge of putting it together, which of course means there are hardly any pictures of him but he did a fabulous job putting it together. See if you can find him!